Course in Miracles – Lesson Three

“What is given you today, practice the art of giving tomorrow its greatest and perfect use.”-St. Netflix Augustine of Hippo

One of my most favorite past times, built into my soul in love, was to sit at the feet of well-known Masters teaching and teaching, as a EFFECTIVE testimony of their infinite teaching to me.

The Kuan Yin is the incredibly graceful way L Vital posing systematically moves from one pose to the next. She never stops moving or speaking and yet she is all encompassing in her beauty. From her intensity of grace, I was able to note a slight angle shift in my own energy as if a door had creaked opened and I felt glimpses of her gentleness. My body had positioned itself as one with her. She is the stillness, there for the moment or to conceive a vision, which is realized through the knowing and feeling of the present.

I was ready in this moment – this inner time of ‘content awareness’ of everything – for the situation to be abouther, instead ofthe other. Experiencing that slight shift in my energy had led me to see a oppositeClarity. ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี

The teacher humbled me in front of this revelation. I was empowered to stand in honor of this teaching and in honor of my own magnificence. She instantly connected with me. He said that “you will know your success and your importance when you can reach deep within your own soul to find the certainty of knowing who you are.” I waited to hear further words, only to realize that he had gone on to introduce me to the next piece in the lesson of the day.

“The outer world has no place for the ego.”- St. Augustine of Hippo

When I listened to the words, ego, I realized that the ego was not an inviting word for me. I was skeptical at first, but the embodied presence of the Impostor Syndrome is incredibly liberating. To hear the words “Inner world,” I had a knowing of nothing but the present moment. Nothing but the presence of Love of God.

I had heard of the afflictions of the world being directed inward. I listened to St. Augustine’s words to the students of the Illumined Order. He shared how his own psycho-spiritual struggles had led him to this state of inner awakening. ขาวมาก He shared how he has healed himself and healed the world. “Once you have rooted out the selfish ego mind you cannot help but be amazed as to how the life of the world passes away in light, and how what was invisible, but all around us, to every human being, reveals itself to us.”

The teaching resonated with me. I wondered what is meant bytheteacher’s statement, “Once you have rooted out the selfish ego mind you cannot help but be amazed as to how the life of the world passes away in light, and how what was invisible, but all around us, to every human being, reveals itself to us.” To me it sounded like St. Mary’s prayers. He was saying that although we may discover external reality is not what we seek, we can know that our inner attention – our response to what is going on in the inner world, is what will bring us the surety of knowing that there is no trickster behind the reality we encounter along the way. คลิปแอบเย็ด

I was not finished with my lesson when St. Augustine brought the lesson to an end. The Master teaches with such wisdom through experience that I felt uplifted as an embodiment of a new layer of self-awareness, if you will, to further deepen my spiritual growth. The Truth could not be any truer. Each of us sometimes need to rescue our self from situations and relationships that confuse or frustrate. We have innate wisdom that wants to resolve or face it, but it takes nurturing and a willingness to listen to the teacher.

There are many ways to go about nurturing the teacher. To be more receptive to the inner world and allow the messages to be revealed in this quiet comfortable (or noisy or loud) environment, one needs to be in a place where the silence does not disturb in this fashion. Such moments equip the bored, casual, char depleted mind to get a sense of “stillness” and this is paralysis of analysis and wires. It is addition by subtraction without the omnipresent trauma of pretending. This is, the less we desire, the higher we can float.

“To know the path is to live it.”- Rumi

My teacher knew the path. She lived it diligently. I did not. I took my divine assignment and lived in fear and this caused me to get stuck on two levels of the knowing-not-knowing continuum. คนนี้ดัง